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Kaizen - The Department of Commerce is one of the most lively departments of the college which seeks to build an atmosphere of perpetual upliftment through continuous engagement of bright and flamboyant pupils through a world class faculty which has over the years ensured a smooth and vibrant teaching learning experience. 

Department also takes into account the mental well-being of the students and makes sure that there is a healthy learning experience for all. The department is well aware of the fact that classroom studies are just a part of learning and not the whole of it, the students are therefore constantly exposed to various interactive webinars/seminars with industry experts and leaders to make them cognizant of the world out there which they will be an active part of after their graduation.


With a young history and a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the department boasts of a vibrant commerce society which allows students to uplift themselves.



The department boasts of the best available talent whether it comes to students or the esteemed faculty. Numerous sessions are organised to provide latest industry knowledge to the students which they then apply through various activities of the department.



The department develops warriors who happen to have conquered various fields over the years. The prestigious alumni network of the department is a proof of the winning against all odds mentality which the department helps to foster.



The experience of the department beginning from infrastructure to academics to providing lumber for future career prospects is like well-kempt machinery becoming the engine of growth for its members.


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