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Kaizen – Department of Commerce, Hindu College

Kaizen - The Commerce department of Hindu College boasts a highly experienced faculty that has ensured the breeding of achievers over the years by creating a cohesive and inclusive academic environment. 

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 2nd Rank in Commerce

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NIRF ranking 2022 - 1st Rank among co-ed colleges in India 


Dream, Imagine, Innovate, Fly..

The department of commerce is one of the most lively departments of the college which seeks to build an atmosphere of perpetual upliftment through the continuous engagement of bright and flamboyant pupils through a world-class faculty that has over the years ensured a smooth and vibrant teaching-learning experience. The department also takes into account the mental well-being of the students and makes sure that there is a healthy learning experience for all.


It is well aware of the fact that classroom studies are just a part of learning and not the whole of it, the students are therefore constantly exposed to various interactive webinars/seminars with industry experts and leaders to make them cognizant of the world out there which they will be an active part of after their graduation. With a young history and a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the department boasts of a vibrant commerce society that allows students to uplift themselves.

The department has star-studded alumni occupying prestigious positions in both the corporate and public sectors, all of whom are well connected with the department through regular meetings and interactive sessions. 


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