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Zeitgeist is the biggest annual department fest of the entire DU circuit organized by Kaizen - The Commerce department of Hindu College. The event boasts of a plethora of activities testing various skills of the participants through engaging and fun sub-events, witnessing a footfall of 2500+ students from colleges pan India each year. Interactive speaker sessions, grand prizes and highly competitive environment are the key highlights of the event. The department also organizes its flagship case study competition every year in collaboration with internationally renowned academic institutes. 

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Freshers & Farewell

The journey of college life that the students of Kaizen experience is celebrated both at it’s beginning and end with a blast through the themed Freshers and Farewell parties organized by the students themselves.  Freshers is a day of nostalgia for many; a day with mixed feelings of joy, confusion, fear, and excitement. Kaizen department always makes sure that the journey is memorable for all the juniors. On the other hand, farewell gives us the opportunity to wish our revered seniors loads of success, with a cupful of joy, and good wishes for their future ahead as we bid them an emotional adieu.

Alumni Meet

"Once a Hinduite, always a Hinduite."

The department is a family that has branches spreading way beyond the campus. During the Annual Alumni Meet, distinguished members of the alumni come together to celebrate the ever-winning spirit of the department. It's the time to rewind the college days, with teachers as well as students expressing their emotions. Students get to learn a lot about real world from experiences of the alumni. The event is stimulating, enjoyable and also a great opportunity to network.

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Department Trip

Is there anything better than traveling with friends? We don’t think otherwise either! The best part of college life is to roam with your friends on your favorite spots and the memories you made along the way. The Kaizen Department is forever ready to make the students feel like home. Every year we organize a trip to make memories and leave footprints, taking insights of cultural relativism. We live every moment to the fullest. It has always been a memorable experience for each and every member of our Kaizen family. 

Teachers' Day

All the efforts and hard work invested by our esteemed faculty to bring out the best in us can never be repaid in mere words. We can only feel grateful for having such teachers in our Department. Every year on 5th September, we never leave any stone unturned in making our mentors feel special, the ones who taught us every basic thing, from academic knowledge to quintessential life lessons. On this auspicious day, we thank them for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.

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A glance at the moments...

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