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5 Star Nothing Coin


Imagine a world, where you get rewards for doing absolutely Nothing, sounds impossible? Not anymore. With its all-new campaign, Cadbury 5-star promises to grant the customers exclusive rewards for doing ‘Nothing’.

Cadbury has always been keen on implementing innovative marketing strategies. Be it ‘Ramesh Suresh’ ads or its last brand campaign, where they wanted us to do ‘Nothing’.

The idea of Cadbury nothing coin

Cadbury Five Star, a well-known chocolate brand from Mondelez International, takes immense pride in coming up with innovative marketing campaigns. However, in 5 star’s last brand campaign, Cadbury found itself in a fix for depicting youth of the country as non-responsive. In the campaign, Cadbury had stressed the act of “doing nothing”, which did not work out well for the company.

“There is one comment which keeps recurring every time we ask you to chill, Eat 5 Star and Do Nothing”

“Poora din kuch nahi karenge toh kamayenge kaise?”

“This comment has affected us dearly and contributed to a lot of sleepless nights. So we decided to resolve it once and for all.”

Learning from their mistakes, Cadbury 5 star has initiated their brand new campaign, which works on the similar lines of doing nothing, but offers something more.

About Nothing Coin?

Cadbury 5 Star has launched Nothing Coin, a new form of currency that gets mined while you do nothing. With no expensive hardware or large investments needed, Nothing Coin challenges the traditional notion of how only hard work helps people earn.

In this latest communication, the brand is talking to today’s youth who are digital natives and hardly remember a time without smartphones, the internet, and social media. Composed of college-goers and first-time job seekers with action-packed schedules, they are hardly left with time in their hands to simply relax and do nothing. Through this campaign, the brand in a quirky way promotes the idea of moving away from the stressors of life, enjoying some downtime, and spending- time doing nothing; all while rewarding and letting them earn.

The launch of this one-of-its-kind currency will be supported by a 360-degree integrated marketing communication, including digital films, innovative outdoor, and influencer-led activation. As part of the outdoor activation, the brand has taken a spin on traditional bank setups and built a branch at Nariman Point in Mumbai wherein consumers can visit this bank, grab a Cadbury 5Star, sit, and do nothing to mine more Nothing coins on our website. The bank has a loans counter, an ATM, and investment schemes with quirky messages that ask the consumer to do nothing.

How to join ‘Nothing Coin’?

Nothing Coin is the Cadbury 5-star’s cryptocurrency. Users can mine Nothing Coins by simply registering on the official website (exclusive for mobile devices).

  1. Visit 5 star Nothing Coin website

  2. Click on the start button

  3. Enter on your mobile number and click on continue

  4. Enter your first name and email address

  5. Enter OTP and click on continue

  6. On the next page click on the start button of 5 star nothing coin mining

  7. Mining will starts

  8. You can stop mining and withdraw your nothing coins

  9. You can withdraw in form of vouchers from jio mart or a 5-star mall

  10. 3 nothing coins= Rs 1

What to do with Nothing Coins?

Although not an actual currency, Nothing coins can be traded at exclusive 5-star digital malls or be exchanged for Jio-mart vouchers. Well, they did not stop there. Cadbury went so far as to create their bank! Nothing Coin Bank sits right in front of the SBI Head office, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Use of Nothing Coin Bank

The ‘Nothing Coin Bank’ is equipped with a loan counter, an ATM, and Investment schemes. All you need to do is, purchase a 5-star, scan the code, and chill in the bank. You will start mining coins immediately. And as soon as you start using your device, the mining will stop.

All by itself, the Nothing coin campaign seems promising. The tweets have started rolling in, and people are awe-struck by what Cadbury has launched.

Despite experiencing a backlash to its previous ‘Do Nothing’ campaign, Cadbury 5-star has decided to stick with it. Well, this time offering something in return for ‘Doing Nothing’.

India has the highest number of crypto investors in the world as 100 million people have invested in the new financial sector. The country has good potential for the crypto market to boom and Cadbury’s 5-star is making a fun early entry into the space.

How To Redeem/Withdraw Nothing Coins?

Login In Website And Go To Wallet. You Can Click On It And Land On The Redemption Page Where You Can Choose The Value And Partner As Per Your Convenience And Redeem.

How to redeem 5 Star Nothing Coins in JIO Mart?

  1. Firstly Download the Jio mart App from Play Store.

  2. Open App and log in with a Mobile Number.

  3. Now Add Any Products Up to ₹100 on Cart.

  4. Proceed to Payment Page and Enter Promo/Coupon Code Which You Redeem on 5Star Nothing Coin Website.

  5. Now Your Cart Becomes Zero.

  6. Just click on Make Payment.

  7. Your Order Successfully Placed.

  8. It will be delivered to your doorstep very soon.


The popular chocolate brand, Cadbury 5 star, has launched a brand called “Nothing Coin Bank”. This is a marketing campaign for a popular brand where users will be simply rewarded for doing nothing. The users need to log in to the microsite and have to do nothing but sit still, without using their phone. As long as users did not use their phones, Nothing Coins will be added to their wallet and they can use these coins to shop on Digital 5 Star Mall or JioMart and can even trade coins for vouchers.

The brand is known for its tagline ‘Eat 5 Star, do nothing’ and is another marketing strategy of the brand. On one side where it promotes the brand, it also gives the young generation to take a break from their phones and do other activities.


Content- Ishita

Infographics- Ketan Dedha

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