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In this competitive world, geopolitical issues are a common phenomenon. One of the most noticeable issues which can be seen since the past few days has been the DISPUTE BETWEEN UKRAINE AND RUSSIA. These are not cross border tensions but there’s a threat that Russia might completely invade Ukraine, i.e., Ukraine will cease to exist.

In recent contests, Ukrainians have clearly mentioned that they expect their future in Europe, but the country is still going to struggle with extreme corruption and sharp regional riots that might obstruct its way. RUSSIA’s opposition towards UKRAINE led to the biggest security issues in EUROPE. In order to stoke fear, Russia has built up a military force along the Ukraine-Russia border in late 2021 and it is predicted that this conflict may even lead to WORLD WAR 3.


In 1991, the USSR or SOVIET UNION broke down into 15 countries, the biggest of which was Russia, and Ukraine was also a part of it. In 1921, LENIN’S RED ARMY had invaded UKRAINE. In 1918, UKRAINE got its independence from the Russian Empire, which was overthrown by Russian Revolutionaries in 1917. PUTIN claimed that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major humanitarian tragedy. The crisis in Ukraine began with the protest in the capital city of Kyiv in November 2013 against Ukrainian President Viktor’s decision to reject a deal for greater economic integration with the European Union. Following this, the Ukrainian president was overthrown. In March 2014, Russian troops took control of Ukrainians region, Crimea before formally annexing the peninsula, after they voted to join the Russian federation in a disputed local referendum.


Russia binds deep cultural, economic, and political relations with Ukraine, and in many ways Ukraine is central to Russia’s identity in the world.

Russia and Ukraine have unbreakable familiar bonds that go back centuries. About 20%-30% people harbor sympathy towards Russia and they believe that Russians and Ukrainians are ethnically similar (termed under the category of SLAVIC). In the article, PUTIN also claimed that Ukraine and Ukrainians are an indispensable part of Russian history and culture.

Ukraine shares a very large section of border with RUSSIA. If Ukraine becomes a part of NATO then, RUSSIA will obviously be pressurised because it will be surrounded by all sides from the countries which are members of NATO. Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is generally referred to as “the mother of Russian cities,” on the part and in terms of cultural influence with Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the eighth and ninth centuries, it was in Kyiv, that Christianity was brought up from Byzantium to the Slavic public. It was Christianity that served as the anchor for Kievan Rus.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) was created in 1949 by the United States,Canada,and several western European nations to provide collective security against the Soviet union. It is a military alliance. It means that if a war breaks out against any NATO country or any NATO country is attacked then the rest of the NATO countries would come to protect it with their military. In total, 30 countries are part of NATO. As Ukraine is not a NATO member,the alliance is not directly obliged to defend it in a military capacity. But NATO’s diplomatic backing could help sustain the proaccession majority in Ukraine.

  • In 1997, a NATO-UKRAINE commission was made so that Ukraine and NATO could partner with one another.

  • After 10 years, in 2008 Ukraine wished to be part of NATO.

  • Ukraine was asked to work on their membership action plan to get the membership of NATO.

  • In 2017, the Ukrainian parliament even adopted a legislation which stated that getting NATO membership is a major objective for Ukraine for the foreign and security policy of Ukraine.

  • On 16 December, 2021, there was a meeting between the president of Ukraine and the chief of NATO in Brussels where Ukraine committed once again to eventually join NATO despite Russia’s objection.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin put all his efforts to stop Ukraine from being a part of NATO. But NATO clearly said that independent and sovereign Ukraine has the freedom to take their own decision. The head of NATO has urged Russia to be transparent about its military plans after an increase in the number of troops on its border with Ukraine.


The part of Eastern Ukraine is mostly inhabited by pro-Russia people and that part often wants to separate from Ukraine to become a part of Russia. So, Russia is starting to support the separatists in that area. In the two provinces, namely, DONETSK and LUHANSK, Russia is enabling a proxy war. More than 14,000 people have been killed in the proxy war. On top of it, Russia accuses Ukraine of genocide in Eastern Ukraine.

Even after supporting the separatists groups, Russia saw that Ukraine and NATO are continuing with their relationship. They aren’t willing to part ways. So, Russia has started building up a military now. More than 100,000 troops have been stationed at the border. The tanks and missiles are ready not only at the eastern border but on the Northeastern border as well.


Grudges prevailing between UKRAINE and RUSSIA are ultimately affecting the peace of the entire world directly or indirectly as it is claimed to be the reason for WORLD WAR 3.

  • Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine even after invading Cremea and supporting the terrorists.

  • The economic dimension remains challenged for disputing countries i.e. Ukraine and Russia.

  • The dispute is not justifiable to be said between two countries, but it’s between two hearts covering the world.

  • Russia can not become a friend of Ukraine by using force on every step, Russia needs to change its way to be able to make Ukraine its part.


CONTENT: Hitanshu Aggarwal, Tanya Pandey, and Kashish Soni

INFOGRAPHICS: Anmol Kaur, Charvi, and Abhyuday

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