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Have you ever thought, the speed of the internet will match the speed of light? Unbelievable? No more! With the pace at which mobile networks are getting stronger, that day will come in the near future. 5G, the latest and greatest mobile network that they say is going to transform our lives.


When you hear the word 5G, what comes to your mind first, Fastest of all? No buffering? Lag less working of devices? Perfectly True! 5G is the 5th generation mobile network which is the fastest and finest of all the earlier network standards i.e 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Mobile networks like 3G and 4G give us access to the internet but now we are all set to welcome the new generation. Evolution from generation to generation means the advancement of each successive generation. The fifth generation of internet, 5G, is marketed as the finest connection around. In some countries, it is already available. It uses a wide range of radio frequencies from the lower end to millimeter waves. 5G provides rapidly faster download as well as upload speeds. The download speed of 1 Gbps is offered by 5G. The download speed offered by 5G is at the minimum 100 times the data speeds in operation. 5G reduces latency which is nothing but the delay in network communication. It will ensure no network congestion. Moreover, it will ensure a full-circle connection.


  • Speed:

The speed of 5G is 15 times the speed of 3G and 10 times the speed of 4G. For example, if you want to watch a movie at the airport so with networks like 3G or 4G it would take you a lot of time to even start and there will be a lot of disturbance in between and you will say forget it, you would rather prefer sleeping. But with 5G-enabled systems, there will be no such issues.

  • Latency:

Latency describes the time period between an event and the occurrence of a visible reaction to it. With 5G the latency will be around 10 times less than 4G. 5G can support a millisecond or even maybe lower reactions to what we do remotely.

  • The internet of things:

More and more of our devices like smart speakers or exercise equipment will remember and even anticipate our preferences and 5G will allow them to talk to each other at a record speed.

  • Remote Surgery:

Doctors will be able to perform remote surgery with virtually no lag time. This is possible due to low latency which is one of the benefits that lead to another benefit.

  • Revenue:

Governments will earn revenue by granting 5G licenses.

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of benefits of 5G technology but it also faces a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges with 5G are; shorter wavelengths carry more information but are more easily blocked by things like trees and walls, with 5G transmitters need to be closer which means we need more of them that’s why 5G is more of a gradual rollout, not a launch because all of that back-end infrastructure will take years to build, 5G also stirs up a lot of debate about our privacy, Worries about our health with all those extra radio waves swimming around us, etc.


On 1st August 2022, the Department of telecommunications successfully discharged the spectrum rights of 5G and received a whooping sum of Rs 1,50,173 crores. This was the largest bid that the government had ever received and to everyone's surprise, India’s biggest business conglomerate and tycoon Mr. Adani was in the game this time, to digitize core infrastructure, primary industry, and B2C business portfolio.

Spectrum refers to the invisible radio frequencies that wireless signals travel over. These signals allow us to do things like making phone calls, tag people on Instagram, and reserve an Uber for commuting. It is measured in MegaHertz (MHz), which implies the frequency of the signal. Telecom space is considered to be an oligopoly space, with Jio and Airtel dominating it.

Coming back to the spectrum auction, Jio emerged as the largest spender to acquire half of the airwave space by spending 88,000 crores, followed by Airtel, spending 43,000 crores, and acquired 19.8 GHz in various segments.


Attempts to introduce 5G in India were bottlenecked in the March bidding round with heavy reserve charges quoted by the government. Companies were bleeding after Jio’s entry which plummeted the whole tariff chart. The ROI concerning spectrum doesn’t seem to go well resulting in zero bids for it. This forced the government to restructure its policy and bounce back. Despite the government scaling down, the reserves were still skyrocketing. But this time the telecom giant, Jio, entered the bid. Why are telecom companies and the whole nation behind this fiesta? What is expected about the tariffs?

Nation and administration are behind 5G for a couple of reasons. One is that 5G enables a brand-new network that can connect virtually everyone and everything—from mobile phones and other devices to objects and machines together. Due to the enormous network capacity, it can provide, data transmission and reception will be more reliable and take nearly no time at all. The other is obviously to compete with global nations like China which are a decade ahead of us and working on 6G.

Coming to the tariffs, in the initial days, it is expected that the tariffs will be stable as only 7-8% of the population are ready with a 5g handset. As soon as people get acquainted with the technology, there is a possibility that prices are going to be hiked as the reserves quoted by the government were hefty this time.


5G can also be used in applications beyond mobile phones. Nearly every industry will be affected by the IoT (Internet of Things) i.e. a wide network of sensors and monitoring devices will find more useful which are running on low-power infrastructure.

The use of 5G can be seen in various electronically working devices such as remotely monitored security cameras, electricity meters, water meters, traffic signals, lights, unmanned irrigation projects, medical applications, and practically everything under the sun. Not just smartphones but all these applications could be powered using the same 5G infrastructure you might use to binge-watch on Netflix or play your favorite game online.


The story of 5G is in relative proportion to the growth and enhancement of the nation's technology. The speed and opportunities it offers are enormous and commendable but as every coin has two sides, even 5g has drawbacks. It increases the threat of cyber hacking and also detracts from the aesthetics available. The development of a nation is considered to be the development of all. Even today, rural India lacks the service and connectivity and it seems to be obvious that they might not enjoy these services. Also, India has a base of 600M smartphone users out of which only 7% use a 5G handset. The figures are minuscule, which may lead to extensive pricing of the services. On the 1st of October, our honorable PM. Narendra Modi has launched the 5G services and announced its availability is expected from December of this year. Let’s wait and watch whether 5G is a boon or bane to a common man!!!


Too much to do and too little time?

Managing Offline College- societies, hobbies, academics & internships

College is the most beautiful and memorable time in a person's life. It allows us to learn new skills, pursue our hobbies, and live the student life that we all desire. However, pursuing all of these goals simultaneously can become tedious and, at times, turn unmanageable, and it is often at the expense of our academics to do so. So here are a few management tips and tricks:

  • Only fill your plate with as much as you can eat

As colleges reopen in offline mode, students are bombarded with opportunities and they are attempting to seize them all. But by grabbing all of them, the students may end up serving themselves with much more than they can digest. They are forced to make some difficult sacrifices. Students should select the opportunities presented to them while keeping their priorities and interests in mind.

When asked, a third-year student at Hindu replied that they prioritized what was actually needed and what was not. They also added that socializing with people, and being participative in extracurriculars were also necessary so they went according to a preplanned schedule.

  • Time Management

Students should use their time wisely and effectively in order to get the most out of college. This can only be accomplished by dividing the time into various activities based on priority and constraints. Students should set a deadline for the work assigned to them and strive to meet it. Students can use daily task planners or timetables. This exercise will also be beneficial when students enter the corporate workforce.

  • Don’t push it until tomorrow

One of the worst habits of students, especially in college, is to postpone assignments and academic tasks until the following day. This creates a vicious cycle of backlogs that is difficult to break. The students who are pursuing a second course along with college should pay extra attention to the completion of tasks daily. Weekends should be utilized by the students to catch up on any unfinished work from the previous week.

  • Stay away from distractions

Distractions, notably web series and reels, must be avoided by students. Students should use this idle time for productive purposes that will yield positive results. Students should understand the value of their time in this crucial stage of their life. The distraction of mobile phones can be reduced by keeping them in flight mode when performing important tasks like studying or completing assignments.

  • Academics are important

One of the mistakes college students make is to lose track of academics and regard them as a waste of time or a secondary priority. Students must understand that while internships and societies are significant in higher education or placements, academics cannot be overlooked. Students should attend college lectures and focus on a daily basis or, if that is not possible, a weekly study of topics would be beneficial rather than last-day exam preparations.

Our seniors said that they focused more on summer internships as managing an internship with a normal college routine can be quite cumbersome and hectic and the academics can take a hit due to this. And if internships are to be done with normal college, then they should be part-time or hybrid, as attendance also matters.

  • Fun is important

College is an eminent time in anyone's life and students should take advantage of it to advance their careers. However, it is also the final stage of education before entering the corporate world. Additionally, you should enjoy college and develop strong bonds during this time. These bonds can be helpful during practicals and assignments as well.

  • Focus on hobbies

College is probably the best time to pursue any kind of hobby because you might meet people who share your interests and have the time. Students should cultivate at least one hobby that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future careers. These hobbies can take you places that your academics cannot, and you may be able to make a career out of them.

A tip that we received from one of our seniors was to utilize the traveling time, if possible, for hobbies.

  • Don’t restrict yourself

During their college years, many students limit themselves to certain fields in which they wish to pursue a career. A clear vision of the future is important, but it should not prevent students from gaining a broad understanding of all the diverse fields available, which is exactly what a college can provide. This may assist some students in discovering a field in which they are genuinely interested and talented.

  • Work smarter rather than harder

Students in school are nurtured in a very different way. They are asked to work in a one-way fashion. However, becoming a bookworm won’t do any good in college. Focus on conceptualized learning and make the best use of all the resources.

Another student added that at the beginning of the third year he wasn’t much stressed about the placements because he already worked on the case studies and professional communication skills when he was preparing for the summer internships.

  • Peer learning

Sometimes one might feel like they cannot grasp a topic no matter how hard they try. But, on the other hand, their friend is well-versed in the topic. In that case, it is suggested to go ahead with peer learning. Ask your buddy to explain the topic. One learns the best from their agemates. The only condition is that the educator should be a better person at that subject and the focus should be on just learning at that moment.


As they say, "Opportunity does not wait for those who are unprepared". Hence, managing what to have on your plate becomes extremely crucial. Indeed, college life is the time to make the best use of your skills and hobbies. How to get the most out of it lies in your approach. Try to communicate with the seniors to get real guidance. They are the ones who have already gone through the phase in which we are beginners now. Keeping up with all the curricula is difficult but doable. At the end of the day, it's all worth it. Take your time, figure out what suits the best for you and align the most with your career goals and there you have it!


1. Rishi Sunak as UK’s new prime minister

Liz Truss resignation after failed budget and market turmoil led to the need of re-election in United Kingdom. On October 25, 2022, Rishi Sunak, the Indian-origin leader became UK’s new prime minister.

Also, On the same day, in his first speech, he said that he is there to fix the mistakes made by his predecessor and he warned the country about all the difficult decisions they have to face to overcome a “profound economic crisis in UK”.

2. Twitter's CEO was fired by Elon Musk but he is leaving as a rich man.

Elon musk has finally acquired twitter after a rollercoaster ride and fired the CEO, Parag Agarwal and CFO within minutes after taking charge. Agarwal was appointed as CEO on November 2021 and is designated under the golden parachute clause where he will be entitled to a benefit ($42 Million in this case) from the employer. Parag also holds a chunk of twitter with $ 7 million. Even though he is getting out, he is leaving rich.

Not only Parag but the the legal and policy chief of Twitter, Vijaya Gadde who was fired is set to get a package of $12.5 Million and additional $33Million for the shares held by here.

3. China’s Real Takeaway From the War in Ukraine: Grey Zone Conflict Is Best

The steep costs of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will bolster China’s continued use of its effective salami-slicing and grey zone tactics.

Numerous publications have compared the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, paying particular attention to the lessons learned regarding air-ground coordination, the necessity of training, the function of civil defense forces, the requirement for skilled military leadership, and finally the quality of armaments.

4. Pay Equity for Equality

The BCCI, or Indian Cricket Board, announced that match fees for both male and female cricketers will now be the same, at Rs. 15 lakh for a test match, Rs 6 lakh for an ODI, and Rs. 3 lakh for a T20 International. This is the latest in a series of steps taken by the board to support women's cricket in India, including the launch of a women's IPL. However, there is still a long way to go since female crickets only make less than 10% of what male crickets do in terms of annual contract salary.

5. Upcoming Noida Airport To Emerge As A Major MRO Hub In India.

The under-construction airport in Noida, outside of New Delhi, is slated to be the largest in the country once completed, and big things are expected from it. Not only is it being viewed as the future hub for major Indian airlines, but now the road has been cleared to develop it as a significant maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility.


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