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The Alumni of Kaizen - Department of Commerce, Hindu College form a vibrant and accomplished community, with individuals excelling in diverse fields worldwide. Many have risen to prominent positions in leading industries, contributing significantly to innovation and progress. Their leadership roles in companies both large and small underscore the depth of expertise and the quality of education provided by our department. Furthermore, our alumni demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with numerous successful startups and ventures to their credit. This spirit of innovation not only drives economic growth but also fosters a culture of creativity and problem-solving that extends beyond traditional career paths.

Beyond their professional achievements, our alumni exhibit a deep commitment to giving back to their communities and alma mater. Whether through mentorship programs, guest lectures, or philanthropic initiatives, they actively contribute to the growth and development of future generations. Their continued engagement with the department underscores the enduring bond they share with their alma mater and serves as a testament to the quality of education and support they received during their time here. As ambassadors of our institution, our alumni embody the values of excellence, integrity, and service, leaving a lasting impact on society and inspiring others.

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Jasleen Royal

Playback SInger

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Prof J.P. Sharma

Former Head of Commerce Dept., DU


Tuhin Sinha

Spokesperson (BJP)


Aakanksha Bharagava

CEO, P.M. Relocations


Niharika Jain

Co-Founder, Broomees


Vikrant Batra

Founder, Delhi Heights


Ajay Bijli

Managing Director, PVR Ltd.


Ishan Dewan

Former Civil Servant, GoI

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