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A farewell event is a time for graduating students to reflect on their college journey, reminiscing about the experiences, friendships, and growth they've undergone. It's an opportunity for students to express gratitude to professors, staff, and peers who have contributed to their academic and personal development.

Kaizen - Department of Commerce organizes farewell event which often feature cultural performances, including dances, music, skits, and more, showcasing the diversity and talents of the graduating class. Students receive mementos and recognition for their academic achievements, leadership, and contributions to the college community. Alumni or prominent figures share inspiring speeches and insights, providing valuable perspectives on life beyond college.


Farewell event is marked by emotional farewells, speeches, and sometimes even teary-eyed moments as students bid goodbye to their alma mater and friends.

Mr. Kaizen

Jon Doe

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Divanshu Narang

Ms. Kaizen

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Yuvika Puri



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